How do we make the internet more accessible and faster? By making the internet more accessible to people. FlowMax public cloud infrastructure on the edge guarantees latency speeds of under 20 milliseconds, compared to 60 milliseconds on conventional datacenter dependent cloud networks. More efficient online partnerships and real-time technology implementations are made possible by faster speeds.

Discover the technological wonders

FlowMax uses the ultra-low latency of 5G networks to provide continuous broadband
access locally on the edge. Find out how enhanced security, smarter coordination and adeptly networked devices will transform the sector:


ISP Infrastructure

End-user requests, decrease latency and increase protection before accessing the public internet.

No Upfront CapEx

Eliminate expensive costs including the development of in-house systems and save on personnel, hardware, and immobilization.


Unlocking exclusive cost and efficiency advantages across ARM & GPU applications.

Competitive Pricing

Workload shifts depending on pricing for optimum efficiency without infringing on costs.

Cross-Network Optimization

Transfer of data between established networks with the adoption of software-defined
networking (SDN).

NextGen Product Development

Upgrade to a container and micro-service architecture for quick product creation and regular routing.

For Vendors

This is your chance to teach operators how to profit from your service.
The marketplace is the perfect venue for sharing your achievement stories in order for the operators to view your offer of value.

For Operators

Discover some of the most creative solutions in the market, as well as the people who created them.
With instant maxflow cloud implementations, operators can monitor vendor technologies without leaving the network.

Discover which technologies can help you


FlowMax OS

FlowMax OS is a software solution developed and created primarily for server multidata center management.

FlowMax Kubernetes

FlowMax Kubernetes technology allows development teams to build new applications effortlessly.

FlowMax Node

Flowmax implements a stable, secure, affordable and low latency Public Edge Cloud over our partner’s servers.

FlowMax Mesh Network

Transport data between servers, Maxflow Cloud Platform ensures safe connectivity between containers.